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Hornby R1236 Mixed Traffic DCC Train Set


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Hornby R1236 Mixed Traffic DCC Train Set

This set represents the ideal introduction to the benefits of digital control, once fully assembled. Both of the featured locomotives; the Class 08 0-6-0 diesel shunter and the Class 2721 0-6-0PT steam locomotive, are factory fitted with Hornby’s 8-pin digital decoder and are immediately ready to run using the supplied ‘Select’ digital controller. Reference to the start-up guides in the enclosed Operator’s Manual allows for independent control of each locomotive, even though they may be operating on the same oval of track and also includes instructions for learning further digital control skills, such as operating locomotives in unison on a ‘double-header’ train or utilising the extended slow running characteristics to shunt wagons into the layout’s siding with precision.

DCC Type – DCC Fitted, Operator/Livery – GWR Green & BR Red, Class – Class 2721 & Class 08, Motor Type 7, Wheel Configuration – 2 x 0-6-0, Age Suitability – 14+