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Wiking 077829 Claas Arion 430 Tractor – Removable front loader FL120


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Wiking 077829 Claas Arion 430 Tractor – Removable front loader FL120

Removable front loader allows for true-to-life settings. The Arion 430 is WIKING’s first tractor model that comes with a detachable front loader. The included wrench, which doubles as a lug wrench for tire changes, can be used to undo two bolts and, thus, disconnect the front loader from the model. Just as in real life, an enclosed support can be used to set down the front loader when not in use. This innovation is yet another testimony of how WIKING’s designers succeed with ever increasing accuracy to replicate the technical possibilities in the real world on the 1:32 scale, which has become their scale of choice.
Cab windows and doors can be opened true to the original radius
Aside from faithfully reproducing the chassis, WIKING attaches paramount importance to the foremost feature of the Arion series: the panoramic cab. The doors, as well as the rear window, are designed to open true to the original radius. The accurate representation of the original Claas interior offers clear indications as to the comfortable seat and ease of use the farmer can enjoy inside the cab. The steering function can be controlled with the finger grip fitted in the cab. The model also offers movable side mirrors and the hinged rotating beacon. Just as in the real world, the lower link of the rear hydraulics can be changed in its work position. The chassis is equipped with a swing axle for off-road use, while the wheels can be removed and brought into maintenance position with just a few easy steps. An appropriate wrench is provided. Radiator grille and toolbox can be pulled out
The Claas Arion 430 does not stop at the features listed above, but distinguishes itself even further with the following engineering gems for the 1:32 scale: As a first-in-class WIKING innovation, the venerable model maker is presenting a fully functional top link that is movably attached and can also be pulled out. This feature makes it possible to attach and affix implements at the rear of the tractor with even greater precision. Since the wheels can be removed, there will be magnetic hubcaps for front and rear wheels from this point on. What is more, the front axle has independent suspension that truly deserves the name as it actually allows the wheels to respond individually. When the hood is open, the oil coolers can, as usual, be moved upward individually for maintenance purposes. In addition, the right-side entry steps are modelled in a hinged arrangement. Finally, since WIKING’s philosophy places functionality front and centre, the toolbox was not only scaled down to 1/32th of its size but has also been made available on the right side, ready to be pulled out. 

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